Spiritual Insight Training I

If you believe that communication with Spirit is only available to a few exceptionally gifted and unusual people – please think again. Fellowships of the Spirit believe it is the birthright of every human being to experience this connection, and this three-in-one weekend retreat will show you how and prove it to you!

Learn the basics of spiritual meditation and the techniques that will enrich and deepen this experience. Discover the insight, clarity and lasting peace that come from practicing deep meditative states.

This is the renowned transformational course which thousands have raved about… the course that started everything at the School of Spiritual Healing & Prophecy!

Course Dates

Spiritual Insight Training II

After you have experienced Spiritual Insight Part I. You know what is possible! Join us for Part II as you take this important next step.

Experience higher levels in the development of your spiritual insight abilities through the refinement of your perceptions. These perceptions, originating beyond your conscious awareness, become ever more accurate once you learn how to trust and work with them consciously.

Course Dates